All England Champs FAQ

The 2010 All England Champs take place at the Norfolk Snowsports Club in Norwich on the 4th and 5th September. The main details can be found here, but this page is for those extra questions you may have but dare not ask (ok this is a collection of things which have been asked by others so if one person is asking then others may well have the same)!
Q1: Where is information published about the All England Champs?
A: The official place where the infromation is published is BritSki, The invite, acceptance list, start list and results will appear here. There will also be a copy published on this site when available. Click here for a copy of the invite.
Q2: Who is eligable to enter?
A: All Competitors in the individual events and team event must be registered racers with their Home Nation Governing Body. For all the Team Events, racers must be eligible to compete under Snowsport England/FIS rules. You will need less than 250 BARTS points.
Q3: Can Mini's take part this year?
A: Yes, the mini's event will take place on the Saturday. The Minis event is for racers born between 01.01.2000 and 31.12.2003. This event will consist of two runs down the same course, with both runs to count for the overall result. More information will be published shortly about the mini's event.
Q4: How do I enter online?
A: You need to go here to register online for the event
Q5: How do I enter by postal entry instead of online?
A: Postal entries can be made but you need to send them to the Race Secretary, details of the address can be found in the invite here. There is a form available but it is not in the invite yet but you can find it online by clicking here. The best thing to do is to email the race secretary.
Q6: When is the closing date?
A: For the individual the closing date is Friday the 20th August. If you have any problems meeting that date contact the race secretary first. For the Inter Club team event the closing date is Friday 3rd August and for the Open team event it is midday Saturday 4th September. However if you know you are entering teams get them in ASAP.
Q7: What happens if the online entry system fails to accept my entry?
A: From time to time it has been known that problems have occured when entering online. If you are not sure that your entry has been successful or you have had problems again contact the race secretary. When you have completed the online entry you will NOT receive a confirmation email. 
Q8: Can my Univeristy team take part?
A: Yes for the Open Team event only on the Sunday. This year SSE have modified the rules to allow a University team to take part in the Open Team event only.
Q9: Where can I get photographs ?
A: Neil McQuoid from Racer Ready will be in attendance at the weekend.
Q10: What is the format for the Saturday with the Mini's race?
A: The provisional timetable has been published on BritSki and is available here.
Q11: How do Mini's enter?
A: To enter Mini's must be registered with SSE. Two ways to complete the AE entry, online or postal.
Online - Enter in the normal way online here.
Postal - Need to complete a standard entry form which is available from here. Then entries sent to the Race Secretary.
However in addition each Mini must provide a signed coach's declaration form, this is avaialble in the invitation on page 8.
Bibs will not be issued unless all the paperwork has been completed correctly.

Q12: Does a Mini need to be registered with SSE ?
A: Yes. First year Mini's may register with SSE for free. 
Q13: Can I enter the team even on Sunday with a complete team ?
A: Yes. There is going to be an open team event and you need to provide you details to the Race Secretary. No entry fee is required before the weekend and £8.75 per person will be collected when allocated to a team. Open teams will be confirmed on the Saturday.
If there is anything else you would like to add to this page send an email to

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