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Eastern Region Snowsports Association - ERSA

When I took over as chair of ERSA last year one of the first things I was aiming to do was start improving the communications to members. So whilst over the past few months you will have seen various emails about different things I thought I would summarise things here as a quick progress update. As always I welcome the emails, calls or just general chat about your comments and feedback.

As agreed at the AGM in 2009 we changed the regional name to include Snowsports instead of just focusing on skiing, so we are now known as Eastern Region Snowsports Association, still ERSA.

Coaching – we have recently announced that John Reidy has been appointment the Regional Head Coach. John is well respected in the region is a regular face at many of the regional races and national events. John will be looking at ways to improve communication and the sharing of ideas in the region and with coaches in other regions. There have already been a lot of discussions going on in the background about how we can develop the coaching aspects of the region so hopefully over the coming months we can do more on this front.

Communication – this is something we have been looking to improve on so that I can get more information out to everyone in the region but not just in one format but others as well. I have taken a few different approaches on this one and hope people find some or all useful. We have started to publish a newsletter every few months which will just be a one page summary of what is happening. We also make extensive use of the ERSA Facebook group, which can be found here These are in addition to the normal regional email list, and if you wish to join the list drop either myself or Steve Lambert and an email.

Website – this past week we published the new ERSA website. Steve Lambert has spent many years looking after the current site but has been looking for help in keeping it up to date and to move it forwards. Thank you to everyone that has provided input for the new site, it is a work in progress and there is still more that will be added over the coming months and it is covering other Snowsports not just skiing. If you would like to add some news, features, more about other Snowsports please send me an email to The website can still be found at

ERSA Database – one of the background jobs in the region is the creation and maintenance of the club and racer points system and the rainbow setup. The program used was written some time ago and is now in the process of being updated to make it much more flexible and easier to use for others. It has taken sometime to update and we hope to be able to start using it during the next few weeks. Thank you to Ian Mawson for his work in this area.

Races – this year ERSA will be holding 8 Summer League regional races and also the ERSA Champs at Norfolk and the annual Tri-Regional event at Brentwood. Details of the races can be found here For a full calendar of races in this and other regions and nationally look here This is an exciting time as we continue to look at how to develop ski racing in the region and give all members value for money and the opportunity to take part in fun races and I look forward to your continued support. We are already discussing the calendar and format for next season and I would welcome your thoughts on ways to improve things.

Attendance and Costs – this year yet again ERSA has been able to hold the race entry to £9, with the exception of the indoor races (although we were able to refund £2 per racer for the Milton Keynes race). This is the eighth year we have been able to hold the entry costs at this level even through the tough times! But it has also been possible to do this due to the excellent attendance figures we have at all races, let’s hope that continues throughout this coming season it certainly has started well. Over the winter period we have also been putting together information about the attendance at ERSA races over the past few years and this will be published shortly on the ERSA website and used to better understand future trends, thank you to Janet Jenkins for the hard work in putting this information together, it has already proven useful in seeing some trends. It is hoped that next season we will be able to continue holding the entry fee at the same levels, but we will be monitoring this throughout the season.

Other Snowsports – now that ERSA has changed its name to include Snowsports the challenge is now on to find out what happens in the region and beyond and how we can promote the various Snowsports. We are starting to find out more about what is happening and will be publishing more details on the website as this becomes available. If you would like to contribute anything to the website please send an email to We do need your help in providing this information for members though so please just send a short email with the details. Hopefully next year we will be able to hold some other SnowSport event, watch this space.

These are just some of the things that have been taking place over the past few months, not everything but the major items. There are too many people to thank for their help during the season but I would like to thank Steve Lambert for his continued work in the region and very much on the pre race day work and Ian Mawson for his efforts in helping move things forwards in the background before the races and during race days.


Remember you have got to have FUN and ENJOY the sport otherwise what’s the point?



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