ERSA Committee Meeting

The next ERSA committee meeting is being held on Monday 6th September 7.30pm at Hardwick Arms, Arrington. Minutes of the last meeting can be viewed here. If you have any comments please send an email to

The proposed agenda is;


  • Regional Development plan
  • Attendance so far this season
  • Schools / University racing
  • Finances to date, any other items required
    • Timing radios
  • 2011 ERSA calendar
    • Sse dates for races in the region
    • Inter regional
    • Proposed dates available for ersa races
    • ERSA Champs
  • Website and feedback
    • Online entries
  • Committees members continue for next year
  • AGM 
  • Sponsorship
  • Entry Criteria to races
  • AOB

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