Champs Start List

The start list has been published and can be found here.

Please find attached the start list for the ERSA Champs this weekend. Bibs allocated will be the same for both days. The draw has been made giving priority to those that have entered both days (ERSA Champs), the non-champ racers  have been drawn at random and as is the norm will go first on the dry slope and last on snow. The WGC race will start with Champ Girls followed by non camp girls and then  the non-champs females and then the Champs females. Then the males will follow the same order.

On the snow the Champs girls have been drawn and will get the lower numbers and compete first followed by the non-champ girls drawn at random. They are followed by the Champs entries following ski rules, (top 15 drawn, rest in point order) , then the non-champs drawn at random. The second run will be reversed still allowing the Champs racers to compete first. The boys /males will follow the same format.

On Sunday the GS will follow the order as for the first run.

The championship results are based on the total of the best run from both days and the individual days are based on the total of the 2 runs. The Champs, WGC and HEM are all classed as individual events. Protocol will be published after Run 2 on both days. Please listen for announcements on the PA system.

Please print the start for your own use. There will be no spare copies on the day.

If you have any questions please get in touch


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