ERSA Masters

From the Team Evolution blog.
Finally got 5 minutes to get online!

Yesterday Team Evolution joined up with the Eastern Regional Ski Association to run the first ERSA Masters Training day at The Snow Centre, Hemel, aimed at providing specific training for members of the ERSA region. We're really happy to have been so involved with the ERSA region this summer, working with them developing their grass roots plans to support racing in the UK, and this event was just another example of how proactive they've been in trying new ideas!

Getting a bit of branding at the events is awesome, but actually being able to be involved about the direction we take the sport is so much more important.

With Paul, James & British Olympic athlete Ed Drake on all coaching duty for the 5 hour session, and over 30 Masters taking part - with a load more on the waiting list - the training programme was completely jam packed and exhausting for all involved, but in the fun kind of way! Whilst the terrain was challenging to say the least, the sessions based around rate of movement, turn shape, equipment tuning and gate training meant that everyone went away having got something new from the day.

Plenty of effort, style and a fair few big crashes meant that there were a load of happy faces at the end of the day and by the looks of things we'll be able to develop this kind of session with ERSA to provide more support of this kind to the region in the future.

Big thanks to everyone who came along and took part and to the ERSA Region for being so forward thinking in their ideas, and hopefully James photos give a bit of an idea as to how the day played out!


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