Norfolk and Vikings Club Nationals

Next weekend the final two Club Nationals in ERSA will be taking place at Norfolk, Saturday 16th, and Ipswich, Sunday 17th. Both venues are always popular and a good day is always had by those taking part. The Norfolk CN will start at 9.30am and the Ipswich will be starting at the normal 8.30am. We are doing this so that people traveling a distance to Norfolk do not need to have an overnight stay on Friday. This worked very well at the recent Welwyn race.

Both races have held their entry price at £17. Even if you are not registered with SSE you can still take part in both races as a day entry. Click here to get a copy of the form.

So far the Club Nationals in ERSA have been very well supported and thanks to everyone for coming along and taking part. We have been running the ERSA GS Event at the end of the main slalom event and the Overall Standings can be found here. We will run the final two races at this weekend, so there is still plenty of time to come along and take part.

If you need any details about the races have a chat with your race manager or talk to the race secretaries Janet Jenkins at Norfolk or Michaela Royal at Ipswich.


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