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Extract from the Team Evolution blog about the region.

We might not have mountains in the UK, but in ERSA what we do have is a grass roots regional set up that can rival anything found in mainland Europe. While the UK summer calendar is often over packed, under-planned and at times stale for ideas and encouragement, in ERSA skiers are lucky enough to have a series that allows competitive and fun racing for those looking to get into the sport at any level.

For the last couple of weeks Team Evolution has had coaches and athletes working with the staff from the ERSA region to further our Sponsorship relationship and find new ways to support and develop the sport for those involved.

ERSA has proactively embraced a whole range of new ideas, from kids stubbies and GS races to Pro Dual Slaloms and Live timing, all with the same idea of encouraging more skiers to take part, and then stay involved with, this great sport.

Last weekend we were at both Milton Keynes & Norfolk to help the ERSA volunteers with the running of the Team Evolution ERSA Series, and picked up these great photos, including a load from Wilf Turnbull at

One of the best things about Regional Series, that often lost with National and International Racing, is that brilliant mix of abilities and experiences. You have successful race winning skiers like Sega Fairweather, Jake Richardson and Stuart Riches mixing it with guys who are brand new to the sport, and these new guys are able to watch, learn and compete against them in a low pressure environment. There's plenty of up and coming athletes that you can spot at each event and it's great for us at Team Evolution to be able to see them progress throughout the summer and just hang out and enjoy the sport!

If we can transfer half the talent that is on show at these kind of events and encourage them to progress within the sport then there is no reason why Team GB can't develop quality athletes with the right mentality for years to come!

More to come after another kick ass day with ERSA at Ipswich tomorrow!


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