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After the excitement of the individual race event on Saturday for the All England we looked forward to the following days team event!

Norfolk Snowsports Club entered 4 teams, 2 in the club team event and 2 in the open team event. Everyone was rearing to go and looked resplendent in their tie dye team tops!

Their were 4 leagues in the mornings group stages with the top 3 or 4, depending on how many were in the group, going through to the knockouts after lunch.

After some very close races, including Norfolk Open A and B being drawn together for their first race, all our teams progressed through with Norfolk club A and Open A both unbeaten and Open b coming 2nd to Open A!

There was a three way tie in league A between Norfolk club B, Pendle B and Aldershot A which meant they had to take part in a timed race off to determine the 2 teams to go through. Each team had to race down the same course and were timed to the finish, Norfolk being the winners going through with Aldershot A. There were some extremely close races in the knockouts and you could see the determination on all their faces which unfortunately meant we saw some skiing out and false starts! However, Norfolk club A kept their nerve and came out winners against a very strong Midlands team to take 3rd place in the club event!

Eventual winners of both the Club and Open team events were LSU (Loughborough) so congratulations to them.
We were very proud of our teams which were;
Club A - Dan Molloy, Toby Hughes, Megan Coe and Matt Wigmore.
Club B - Tom Richardson, Paddy Mercer, Sophie Skipper and Ben Davies.
Open A - Thomas Hudson, Thomas Holmes, Jess Spanton and Logan Sewell.
Open B - Harry Davies, Josh Lane, Megan Skipper and Charlie Howe.
Reserves - Melissa Sampson and Nick Spanton.

Their behaviour and sportsmanship was exemplary on and off the slope. Also a huge thank you must go to the parents that helped us out as we had to provide a manager and official for each team!

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thank you Lisa Spanton for the write up.


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