2014 Race Format

The race managers meeting took place on Sunday 2nd March, where it was agreed what the format will be for 2014. there are a few changes  The following has been agreed;

U12 to run through stubbie courses, all other age categories run through full height poles.


  • 2 * slalom (U12 stubbies, U14+ full)
  • 2 * GS where possible depending on conditions
  • Dual H-2-H Team Evolution top 32 (this is subject to conditions)
  • Maximum of 200 racers and waiting list to be implemented, first entered online


  • 3 * slalom (U12 stubbies, U14+ full)
  • U14+ overall age category winners will be the best of 2 runs from the slalom, third run has to count
  • U12 best 2 runs from any of the three to win
  • Team Events full gates
  • Stampede full gates
  • Dual H-2-H Team Evolution top 32 

There will be a seed list for U12 and below and U14 and above. The U12 seed list will be reset for the first race of the season and each racer will start the race with 999.99 points and within two races the order will work itself out.

Change in Age Categories

These have been updated for 2014 and the biggest change is with the Senior and Masters categories. You can see the full list of categories here. We have made changes to the Senior and Masters categories due to the numbers involved in the past few years and help increase the competitiveness.

Open to All

For the first time the ERSA Summer League races (excluding the Finals) will be open everyone from inside and outside the region. It will give racers in the region a greater opportunity to race against those from further afield. If a race is oversubscribed preference will be given to those regional racers who entered prior to the closing date. Racers from outside the region will not be eligble for ERSA Club points but can win medals.

Team Events

Stampede event and the Top 32 (only open to ERSA racers) will remain the same and open to U14 and above. The Children's relay race will also remain unchanged.

In an update to the previous message, which is crossed out below for reference, the Team events for Open A, B, C will now remain unchanged. We still want to make changes but due to availability and lack of time from people we are unable to get eveything sorted in time. 


However we need to improve the way the Open A, B and C teams work as there have been many occassions when there have only been a couple of teams.

Therefore this year we will try something different. The Open category will continue to be relay but now will be one big event. There will be a maximum of 16 teams and this can be made up of the Open A, B and C teams from each club. The draw will be made on the day at the Race Managers meeting when we know numbers. Each race there are also racers who do not make the team event and also do not make the Stampede but would still like to race relay. So we will also allow a Mixed team in the relay event. Clubs will submit the names of the members, also those from outside the region, and then Mixed teams will be created. 



How the day will run

Indoor Races

The timing and order of course inspection and order of runs will be posted prior to the event but will be similar to previous years.


Outdoor Races

Course Inspection – everyone through full poles

1st Run

U14+ only rabbit run for new racers
U14+ race through full poles
Change poles to stubbies
U12 rabbit run for all U12
U12 race through stubbies and U12 go immediately back to the top ready for 2nd run                            

2nd Run

U12 race through stubbies
Change to full poles
U14+ race through full poles

3rd Run

U14+ race through full poles
Change to stubbies
U12 race through stubbies


This year there will be a maximum of 4 forerunners per race. The four will be selected from the MAS category at the Race Managers meeting. Those covering the forerunning will be rotated so that everyone should get a go. what is more important this year though is that the forerunners provide full feedback for the course setters. Previously the forerunning has been used too much as a warm up and not enough feedback about the course.


Any questions please contact your race manager or someone from the committee.

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