Proposed changes to Teams for 2014

At the recent ERSA committee meeting, Sunday 1st December 2013, there was a long discussion about the effectiveness of the current team events. At the moment we have Children's, Open A, Open B and Open C. During 2013 and 2012 the team events have not worked very effectively and the level of competition has not been great. For example Open C there are normally only 2 teams taking part (2 races had 3). The draw for the team events is done before the season starts and quite often the team events are foregone conclusion, they are certainly losing focus.

Some stats from 2013 races and the number of teams entering into each race;

Race Open A Open B Open C Total
VIK 5 4 2 11
WGC 4 4 3 11
NOR 4 2 2 8
BWP 5 3 2 10
TAL 4 3 2 9
BAS 3 4 3 10

Each team event can accommodate up to 8 teams so as you can see we are not reaching those limits. Some races we have clubs, usually Norfolk and Vikings, who could enter more teams if they wanted.

The proposal is that we keep the Children’s team event as it is, but we merge the Open A, B, C into one big Open team event. This team event can accommodate up to 16 teams (as you can see we didn’t manage that in 2013) and each club can enter up to a maximum of 3 teams. In theory we could have more than 16 teams and if that happens we will perform a random draw and the extra teams will race of for a place in the main draw (this is highly unlikely to happen). On race day at the Race Managers meeting each club will be asked how many teams they are entering and a random draw will be performed at the meeting. It will mean clubs like Norfolk and Vikings will enter three teams at most races, but with the random draw it also means they could be racing their own club in the first round. Each of the races will be relay.

We have to do something different as the current solution is not sustainable. Assuming this is approved we will try this out for the year and look to develop the event. If you have any feedback send to, but I also want suggestions for improvements not just moans as to why it won’t work.

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