ERSA Calendar

We are in the process of putting together the regional calendar for 2015. At the moment these are the dates we have and some more need firming up.

Welwyn - 19/04/15
Norfolk - 10/05/15
Hemel - 06/06/15 - starting at 2pm
Vikings - 28/06/15

We are still looking to confirm Milton Keynes, Essex and Tallington, dates will be posted soon.

Finals - Hemel 26/09/15 - starting at 2pm

Finals - Welwyn 27/09/15 - starting at 9am

Norfolk - 26/04/15
An indoor race is being organised. Date to be confirmed

London Schools Race (not ERSA race but listing so you know)
Welwyn - 14/06/15

Club Nationals
Norfolk - 30/05/15 - starting at 2pm
Ipswich - 31/05/15
Hemel - 11/07/15 - starting at 2pm

ERSA @ Welwyn - 12/07/15 - starting at 9am

Until we confirm the final dates, which we expect to do in the next couple of weeks, do not book hotels just yet in case one of the above dates has to change.



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