2016 Inter Regional

The Inter Regional 2016 Competition took place at Stoke on Trent on Sunday 3 July.  Team ERSA made the long journey across the country - made up of Dan Molloy, Logan Sewell, Charlie Howe and Joseph Thompson from Norfolk, Harry Boty and Izzie Lander from Hemel, and Lily Martin from Essex.  The sun shone down and a good crowd of people gathered for an exciting competition.  Against a very strong field of twelve teams from across the country, Team ERSA skied fantastically and managed to win second place, losing to a very strong team from Snowsport South.  Wales came in third position. Full results can be seen at http://www.britski.org/16interregres.pdf


Big thank you shout outs go to Bramwell Martin for being quite the best race manager and camera man at the top of the slope, Paul Boty and Kevin Lander for being the Team ERSA helpers and doing a great job as gate judges, Sally Martin for helping keep the score chart going and the team hydrated - and Ray Howe for supplying foc the smartest team shirts of the day!!! 


Thank you to Lisa Thompson for organising the team entry this year.







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