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ERSA Committee Meeting 4th December 2016

There is a committee meeting taking place on Sunday 4th December (10:00am till 12:00) at Hardwick Arms, Arrington

The agenda is below and if you have anything you would like to raise either speak to your club representative or email, especially if you would like to come along.

Tri Regions 2016

The following people have been selected to represent the ERSA team at the Tri Regions on Saturday 15th October at the Gosling sports centre.


The 2016 ERSA AGM was held on Saturday 24th September at the Hemel Snows Centre. Thank you to all those that attended. The minutes have been published online here along with the Chair report.

Several changes and hte ERSA committee is now made up of the following people;

Team Evolution Test Camps


Snowsport England AGM links

Starting on: 17/09/2016

Location: Chill Factore Manchester

Snowsport England Annual General Meeting 17th September 2016

Snowsport England would like to invite all members to the  Annual General Meeting, which will be held at the UK Snowsport Coaching conference on the 17th September at Chill Factore from 4.30 pm.

Manchester Race Weekend


The ERSA AGM will take place on Saturday 24th September starting at 12.00 at the Hemel Snow Centre.

We are looking for additional people to come on board and help out the committee, it is a very important aspect to ensure the smooth and successful running of the region throughout the year. Doesn't matter how much time you can dedicate anything amount will help.

Team Evolution regional day at Brentwood

We are holding a day camp at Brentwood on Saturday 10th September and it is open to racers and parents and we hope to be able to give you plenty of information and help over the weekend. Approvimate timetable is below. To enter online visit Team Evolution website.

Regional Chair meeting minutes

Attached are the minutes from the recent regional chairs meeting that took place.


Norfolk and Vikings CN Results

The results for the Norfolk and Vikings club nationals have been published.

Norfolk Results

Vikings Results

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