Coaching Course Updates

Here is a brief email outlining some of the changes that have happened within Snowsport England (SSE) over the recent months.

1)      Who’s who

2)      Arranging a Course (see attachment)

3)      Changes to Booking on a course

4)      Licensing Updates



As you may be aware there has been  change within the Office.

Norfolk Night Slalom

Norfolk are hosting a night slalom on Saturday March 19th and is only £10 entry. Details of the event are here and attached is an entry form.

2016 Calendar

Click here to view the 2016 calendar of events for the summer.

The races will be posted online to enter next week.

2016 Calendar update

Updated 2016 Calendar.

- Ski and Boarder X at Norfolk in April.
- ERSA event in August at Manchester in conjunction with SSE SkiX

Races will be online to enter in March.

Details here.

Ceramic Use

The following article is something that coach Richard Breese posted a few years ago about the use of ceramics for the dry slope races. A few bold statements but hopefully gives people a bit more background to the use of ceramics and the over reliance on it rather than focusing on good technique, hopefully useful for parents as well as racers.

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail's U12 Alpine Team

If you are on Facebook have a look at the Vail U12 page some interesting posts about the team otherwise their main website is this one Again on Facebook one of the interesting videos they have on there with Mikaela Shriffrin about Slalom and GS


SSE Regional meeting and Board minutes

There was recently a regional chairs meeting held at Snowsport England. To keep people up to date with progress attached is some material that has been sent as a result of the meeting including the meetings and also the minutes of the recent SSE board meeting.

Snowsport England board minutes 17th November 2015

Regional Chairs day minutes

Racer clubs

Please read the attached regarding the nomination of clubs for racer memberships and what will be published online.

Chris Shelly becomes SSE member director

Congratulations to Chris Shelly on his appointment as Snowsport England member director, details posted here.


Norfolk Ski and Boarder X

Thanks to Racer Ready for the photoLast night saw 45 racers brave the first real cold of the season over at Norfolk Snowsports Centre for the Ski and Boarder X.

There is always something special about night time races and this was no exception. 

The first part of the evening was three individual timed runs through the course and the second half everyone was split into teams for the head to head races. This resulted in some exciting racing and action.

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