The saga of SnOasis continues, is it on or is it off? It would appear that it is more likely to be on and in recent days there has been an announcement from the Government about some additional funding for housing in the area where they plan to build the centre. For full details click here to read the news story.

Hemel GP Report

Attached is the report from the weekend Grand Prix race at Hemel.


ERSA v LSERSA v SRSA Tri Regions Event 2010

The traditional Tri-Regional event is taking place this year on Saturday 16th October at Brentwood Park slope. It is being organised this year by the Southern region (SRSA).

Hemel GP Results

Attached are the resutls from the Grand Prix race today at Hemel, well done to all those who took part and all the parents who helped with the orgnisation.

Tallington race report

The race report for Tallington ERSA last weekend has been published and can be viewed here. Also the full results are here.


Calcs Course

ERSA are running two sessions to give a basic overview of calcs for a race. The first one will take place at the Hemel Snow centre on the 15th August from 10am-2pm and the second at the end of September (details to be confirmed). This will provide an overview of the things to do for the ERSA fun races. If you would like more details or want to attend send an email to, there are still places available.


Summer racing photos

Some photos of different races this season have been posted here. If you have any more we can use please send them across to Bernie.

Tallington results posted

Well done to all those who took part in the Tallington ERSA today. Also thank you to all the parents that were able to help out today, without whom the race wouldn’t take place.

Results are here.

Ski MK looking for a new Head Coach

Ski MK are looking for a new Head Coach. All the details are available in the document below.

Use of Helmets in Snow Sports: Attitudes and Beliefs

Are you a skier or snowboarder?

Do you wear a helmet when you are skiing and/or snowboarding?

Or do you hate the idea of them?

Do you think they helmets are over-hyped or under-promoted?

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