Telemark race entry 2016

The British Telemark Ski Team are holding a set of races in the UK during the 2016 summer season. There are four in total;

Sunday 29th May - Manchester
Sunday 10th July - Glasgow
Saturday 20th August - Hemel

Each race is £40 and this includes the slope fee. If you are already registered as a racer on this website then entering is the same as a normal Alpine race and they will appear in your list. If this is your first time here just a few simple steps and you can then enter the races;

1. Login to this page, click here. If you have not registered on the site click here (only needs to be done once). 
When you login you will have some links in the top left entitled Race Entry.
2. Search for a racer, click here.
3. Click Enter Race
4. Click Pay for Races, click here. This page will show you who you have entered into races.
5. If you are ready and want to pay online continue.
You can enter more than one racer at a time, for example a parent can enter all children at once. If you cannot find a racer in the search then please click on the link at the bottom of the search page which will take you here and enter the racer details. Once we receive the details we can authorise the racer. If you have any problems you can contact
We use Paypal to collect payments. When you are ready to pay you will be taken to the Paypal website and once your payment has been made you will be returned to this website. You should receive an email confirmation your payment has been received, if not check your spam folder or contact

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