Club National Races

Just a quick note about how to find information about Club National run around the region and country, ERSA Website publishes dates in its Calendar to support regional club but has no control over entry. The main site to find information is this site shows dates for all races this season and has links to each race.

Club Nationals are formally run events with strict protocol and paperwork to ensure uniformity throughout the country.

At each race there is posted an "official Invite", which contains contact details and information about the event. SSE Registered racers can follow links to the online Entry site and register for the race online, for Non-SSE Racers they need to fill in a Day Entry form and an Athlete's Declaration form which needs to be sent to the appropriate Race Secretary as listed on "each" race invite.

Each event is run as a "separate" event and the Race Secretary's are responsible for collection of all entrants. Monies can be sent in with the form or paid at a point agreed with the Race Secretary but must always be paid up before the start of the racing. Any racer who has supplied forms but not paid will not be allowed to take part. Any racer not completing both forms will not be allowed to race.

Day Entry forms need to be filled in with any previous race experience and signed by a coach to signify you are at a adequate level for Club National Races. Most people who regularly attend regional races can meet this criteria

About a week before the race an initial "Acceptance" is publish to formally accept racers (at that point in time) as "entered" into the race, this does not mean the entry process is closed, that is normally posted on Britski website.Also some people may have entered just after the snapshot of the list was accepted, again this does not mean you have not entered, just not at the moment of the snapshot. Should you have any concerns then contact the Race Secretary for the event.At point of acceptance you are officially classed as entered and only medical forms will allow for repayment of monies.

Remember these are national events run by the club holding the race but your local club although "may" assist you in entry etc it is the racers/parents responsibility to ensure the process is completed correctly (not the clubs or the event organisers)

A point to remember - All the people running these events are volunteers, using there own time to ensure the success of these events, they all have full-time jobs and the more accurate the entry process, the more time they can focus on the vast amounts of paperwork and task to run the events.

Please ensure you do what you can to help with this process, a final point is helping on the day, all clubs need assistance, and are having to call upon resources from outside of the club running the event. If you want these ERSA/Club Nationals races to continue in 2014, then consider offering assistance for the day and getting involved in the organising of the events long-term.


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