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Members of Team England at the English Alpine Championships in Bormio  February 2011.

As the end of the season approaches the mind naturally turns to thinking about training provisions for next year. The choices for athletes and parents have never been greater but we feel that whatever choice is made it is absolutely essential that the athlete’s needs are paramount. At Team England we feel that we offer a unique set of opportunities that you feel may be best suited to your needs; whether parents or athlete.

What is Team England and what are its aims?

  • Team England is the national Junior Alpine Team run by Snowsport England. Athletes who have achieved certain performance levels in their previous season are invited to apply for selection. The criteria are set out in a longer selection document that can be found on www.snowsportengland.org and  www.britski.org.uk. Entry by selection provides a performance base line for the athletes to work in a programme designed for long term athlete development and progression.
  • Our overall aim is to develop strong, skilled, focussed and independent athletes who are able to compete at a high level in a sport which is both physical and mentally challenging.
  • As well as developing their sporting ability many of our athletes want to continue their education in the UK and so our training and racing programme is built around the school calendar.
  • Senior GB athletes who came through our team system have all been able to achieve outstanding examination results in addition to reaching world class athlete status.
  • We look to the next generation to take up the challenge and develop into a well-rounded athlete whose physical fitness, technical ability and single-minded determination to succeed, will prepare them for the next step up the performance ladder.



What kind of programme does Team England provide?

Although Alpine Racing is an individual sport we believe that there are enormous advantages in working with like minded, elite athletes in a strong and supportive team environment.  We run a well-structured race and training programme which is specifically designed for athletes who are continuing in full time education at their own UK-based Schools or Colleges. We offer approximately 16 weeks of on-snow training/racing with extra time for conditioning training in the UK.

  • Strength and Conditioning provision and monitoring
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Sports Psychology Provision
  • Summer and Autumn training in Europe
  • December onwards, racing and training in Norway, Switzerland, France, Italy and Austria.

In the winter race season it is essential to keep the right balance between racing and training. We plan our racing and training programme very carefully taking into account the readiness of our athletes, the appropriateness of the races, the terrain and the period in the school calendar.

What benefits are there from being a member of Team England?


· Athletes work with professional coaches with international racing and coaching experience.

· DH and SG training at the Interservice Championships; by invitation.

  • As a national governing body we have access to a number of national schemes aimed at supporting young athletes through the Junior development years.
  • We work closely with schools through the national Talented Athletes Mentoring Scheme
  • Access to Loughborough College facilities and staff through in the Advanced Apprentiship in Sporting Excellence programme (AASE).

· There can be no greater thrill for an athlete than to achieve the necessary standards to be selected to represent his or her country at international level.  All athletes are very proud to wear their country’s colours and membership of a National team is widely recognised as a standard of achievement. This is helpful to an athlete who is looking for local and commercial sponsorship and can be usefully included in CV material for employment or higher education.

· The dynamics of a consistent team environment, with younger members benefitting from the experience and performance of older athletes, acts as a spur to improve performance levels.

What does it cost to be a member of the Team?


All costs are carefully calculated on a camp by camp basis and as the Team is run on a not-for-profit basis the athletes directly benefit from careful budgeting. The only separate costs are for air flights and we try to give as much advanced information as possible of dates and times in order to benefit from cheaper prices.

How can an athlete become a member of Team England?


If after reading the documents you have a specific problem or you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact either


Head Coach         Chris Park                                                           Team Manager   Muriel Ryding
Mob.                      07811 432 234                                                    Phone                     01772 600 357   
Email                     chris@snowsportengland.org.uk                   Email                     info@skiracing.co.uk

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