How does it affect sports clubs?

Equality Act 2010: How does it affect sports clubs?

The Government Equalities Office has prepared the attached guidance which may be useful to the organisations you cover. However, the provisions in the Act which apply to associations do not apply to all sports clubs and the definitions regarding who these particular provisions apply to are set out below:

These provisions of the Act affects associations which:
* have 25 or more members, and
* control access to membership by rules involving a selection process.

For example, clubs which require applicants for membership to make a personal application, be sponsored by other members and/ or go through some kind of selection process will be affected by the changes.

You may wish to send this guidance out to your member organisations that are covered by these provisions so that they are aware of the changes that came into force on 1 October and their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.

The guidance can also be found online at:

Other guidance that may affect your member organisations can be found at

2010-11-10 GEO_EqAct_Private Clubs Guidance.pdf283.15 KB

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