ERSA Committee Meeting andAGM date.

The next ERSA committee meeting is taking place just before the Hemel ERSA on Saturday 9th July at 12.30 at the Snow Centre for 1 hour. It is a quick update on where we are in the season plus a review of the activities that take place in the region for which we need additional help.

In order for the region to continue to be successful over the coming years we need additional people to come forward and assist in various roles so that it is not all left just to a handful of people. The more we have the better for the region. 

The AGM this year will be taking place on Saturday 24th September at 12 at the Hemel Snow Centre. If you would like to join the committee in a role which will help move the region forward please do so. We need peopel to assist with things like the communications, organisation of races, etc. If you would like to stand for any particular position please email for more information.

This year at this point there will be two vacancies on the committee, Regional Secretary and Regional Chair. There maybe one or two other roles that need filling but we will know closer to the time.


ERSA Chair

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