The region consists of both artificial outdoor and indoor slopes with many people taking part in racing from all ages. As  a region we aim to promote and encourage participation in snow sports throughout the Eastern Region, to encourage participation in Regional, National and International snow sport events and to assist in the provision of a framework for running competitive and recreational snow sports at all levels for all age groups and abilities.
The purpose of the Summer Race League race events are as follows;
  1. To encourage participation in entry level racing for all ages and to act as an educational base.
  2. To provide a framework in which teams can win a league championship based on their season.
  3. To encourage clubs to learn about running events and provide an entry level for race officials.
  4. To provide friendly competition for all standards and a focal point for regional activities throughout the summer.
Traditionally ERSA has been totally focused on developing Ski racing in the region and that is still one of its main focus areas. However in January 2010 it was agreed to change the name from Eastern Region Ski Association to Eastern Region Snowsports Association and to start promoting other Snowsports within the region. This was the first phase of a an ongoing and long process and this website will form part of that activity. We are always looking for more information to present to regional member which will help increase the overall participation in Snowsports in the region.

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