ERSA Committee

ERSA Committee
On Sunday we had the ERSA AGM after the champs at Norfolk. Thank you to those who were able to attend. The minutes of the meeting will be published very shortly but I thought I would give you a quick summary of who is covering the main positions now.
I remain as chair of the region and I am very pleased with how the first year has gone. There have been a number of challenges but we have managed to overcome them and have just completed a very successful season. What out of the race in December and more information coming soon about next year.
Chair – Bernard Wright
Vice Chair – John Curtis
Secretary – Don Daley
Treasurer – Janet Jenkins
Chair of ERSA ROTP – Ian Mawson
Area Race Manager – Steve Lambert
Schools Development – Bill Parsey
Thank you to those who have agreed to continue on the committee, it is very much appreciated and your help certainly will help move the region along.
Janet takes over from Lesley Yeung as treasurer, thanks to Lesley for her work this past year and getting things in order and stepping in at the last minute. As well as the treasurer role Janet is also maintaining the ERSA race attendance statistics which provide us with a good overview of what is happening at the races.
Bill Parsey is going to focus on the schools development within the region and work closely with the clubs and especially Sarah Allen to develop our strategy for working with the schools throughout the region. As a result of this Bill has relinquished the Secretary role and I think him for his work over the past year and look forward to the work we do in the coming years on the schools front.
Don Daley joins the committee this year as regional secretary, welcome on board. Don has a lot of ideas and enthusiasm and will be helping the region develop in various areas as we look forward to the next few years.
There are a lot of things happening in the background and hopefully over the coming months we will push out more information, especially relating to the entry criteria into regional races. We are looking to develop ski racing and other SnowSports in the region over the next five. Other SnowSports is an area which needs more work and hopefully we can make progress in other areas this year.
However we do still need new ideas, helpers on the committee or just at the races. So please if you have any thoughts or would just like to have a chat about what is happening in the region please talk to one of the committee members above or drop me a line at
Thanks again
ERSA Chair

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