ERSA Summer League Racing

Eastern Region Snowsports Association ('ERSA') is one of the nine regions that are currently affiliated to the national governing body of skiing, Snowsport England (formally known as the English Ski Council). Skiers are encouraged to take part in the ERSA Summer League competition between the ERSA member clubs:
Guide to the ERSA Summer League
What is it?
The Summer League is aimed at all ages of skiers and is a good introduction to competitive ski racing in an informal and fun setting.
Where is it held?
Races are held at the venues in the Eastern region; Suffolk (Ipswich), Hemel, Welwyn, Brentwood, Norfolk (Norwich), Bassingbourn, X-Scape and Tallington Lakes.
When and how often?
The league runs from late April/May to October (excluding the school summer holidays) and races are held on Sundays.
How are they run?
Pre registration is required either personally or via your race manager, registration on the day may available but an extra fee will be charged and you will get the higher bib number and race first.
Registration on the day starts at 8.15am and closes at 9.00am. During this time there is open practice on the slope. The course is then set, and course inspection starts at about 10am. Racing proper starts at about 10.30am and each competitor gets 3 runs. (2 on indoor snow) You need to complete 2 runs to get a finish time (1 indoor snow). Racers compete in separate sex and age categories (based on year of birth) and first, second and third place medals are awarded in each category. After the individual competition is finished, team-based dual slalom races are held. These dual slaloms comprise of Children’s and Open teams. There is also a Heroes event for everyone who doesn’t make one of the individual teams, where teams are mixed and are chosen to be of roughly equal ability, giving even the less experienced racers a chance of picking up a winner’s medal!
What do we need to bring?
This will vary for indoor snow competitions.
  • Ski equipment (skis, poles (with bungs dry slopes), boots, helmet, gloves etc.)
    It is possible to hire skis, poles and boots at each slop if required (the cost is already included in your registration fee), but most skiers tend to bring their own (carefully prepared!) gear.
  • Food - picnic lunch and drinks etc.  Money - all slopes run BBQs during the day
  • Something to sit on, and possibly some sort of shelter from rain, sun etc.
  • Waterproofs, sunscreen, T-shirts, shorts, woollies as dictated by the weather.
  • Something to keep the youngsters amused in between races
How much does it cost?
Depends on the slope but in 2020 it was £32 for indoor and £15 outdoor, these are reviewed each season. If you wish to pre-register, the race manager can do this for you. Please let your race managers know if you wish to attend a race so that a list of likely racers can be passed on to ERSA. It will be possible to register on the day as well at an extra cost.
Want to know more?
Speak to one of the senior racers, or your race manager. Maps and directions are available for all slopes on ERSA’s website, invites will be published on the website before each race.

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