Guide to Types of Alpine Races


Club Races

Ski Centres throughout the region
Most Ski Race Clubs  hold an annual Club Championships for all club members to enter
Plus "timed" race runs for those who attend club training sessions.
All ages
Linked Snow Plough Turns and able to use ski lift unaided.
Must be a Club member.


Eastern Region
Snowsports Association
Summer League Race Series
Clubs throughout the region.
Races held normally on Sundays between April – Sept
8.30 am to 5 pm
All age groups
Must be able to snow plough turn and control speed. Open to members of clubs within ERSA.
Fun race, not too serious.
Pre Register with Race Manager.


Eastern Region
Snowsports Association
Closed Championships
Held at a club within the region.
Normally at the end of the Summer season.
8.30 am to 5 pm
All age groups
Must be a member of a club within the ERSA Region and have ERSA points gained from previous ERSA Summer League Events or Championships.
The most important race a racer can enter within ERSA.


English Schools Ski Association
All age groups
Teams of four from the same school.
School must be a affiliated to ESSkiA.


Snowsport England
Club National
About 12 races per year April – Sept on plastic and indoor snow.
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Age 7 +
( ERSA BG1 and above)
Must be registered with the SSE as a Racer.
Pre Registration required.
Day registration available at extra cost.


Snowsport England
GB Races
About 6 races per year April - Sept
Ideally 3 on Indoor Snow, 3 on Plastic.
See Race Calendar
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Over 11
(CH1 and above)
Must be registered with the SSE as a racer with less than 300 Seed Points.
Pre Registration required.
Other races for HNGB Registered Racers include: Inter-Regional Competition, All England Championships, British Championships, Celtic Cup and the Welsh, Irish & Scottish Artificial Championships - all these are held on dry or indoor artificial ski slopes. Various official races held on Indoor snow.
NB: Indoor Snow currently classed as “Artificial” and follows same seeding rules.
Snow Races are also open to SE Registered Racers including English Alpine Championships, Scottish Snow Race Championships, British Land National Ski Championships.
There are unofficial races on indoor snow called the British Grand Prix Series.  It is open to all racers, good prizes and are well run events but not sanctioned by SSE and as such not BART’s seeded.

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