Hemel Club update

As you know HEM have had the policy for a number of years that if registered with one of the HNGBs you had to change your fist club to HEM if wishing to join us for training on the snow. HSRC had a bit of a monopoly, apart from the academies, of snow training at Hemel.  At a recent committee meeting the request was made that we relax this rule and allow “other” club members to attend if they so wish.

This was duly passed so from the 14th September 2015 HSRC will accept trainees who are registered but do not wish to amend their first club.

The process to follow is:

·         register details at http://hsrc.info

·         we will unlock the account, trainees can then book and pay for a taster session, this taster is to ensure that Hemel and our training fits with their expectations (cost £28.00)

·         If wanting to come again, for insurance purposes, they need to join the club as an associate member (no change of registered club) at a fee of £35.00 for both juniors and adults.

·         Book further sessions online as an associate member at a fee of £25.00

This is a big step for Hemel as the original rule has been in effect for many years. We do hope that some of your clubs members can take advantage of this and we look forward to seeing them. There may also be the opportunity of your trainers joining us to shadow our trainers if they wish.

Any questions please contact us.

If you could add this to your websites and email the clubs this would be most appreciated.


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