London Schools Ski Race - Open Training Sessions

Time moves on and the Summer term is just round the corner. That means training sessions will start for the London Schools Ski Race.

The first session is on Saturday 25 April, 2.30-4.30 at Welwyn.

It would be extremely helpful to know whether you might want to use this training session. You don’t have to give us final numbers until five days before, but an indication now would help us book the right number of race coaches. This first session could also be useful for you if you are not sure if some of your skiers are ready for racing. We will be able to assess them on the day.

Full details of the training sessions are in the Race Pack attached and at

I do hope preparations for your school ski teams are smooth. The deadline for entries is 8 May.

Here’s to Summer skiing!


Dominic McGonigal

07766 397807

London Schools Ski Race

Welwyn, 14 June 2015

Twitter @LondonSkiRace

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