ERSA Online Race Entry


Welcome to the ERSA Online Race registration and payment system. Here you can enter races for the ERSA Summer League and pay for them at the same time. If you still want to pay by cash or cheque you can do that and still enter online so that we can still see who is attending each race. Your club race manager will also be able to assist with entries. 
It's very simple to register online with the following easy steps;
1. Login to this page, click here. If you have not registered on the ERSA site before click here
When you login you will have some links in the top left entitled Race Entry.
2. Search for a racer, click here.
3. Click Enter Race
4. Click Pay for Races, click here. This page will show you who you have entered into races.
5. If you are ready and want to pay online continue.
You can enter more than one racer at a time, for example a parent can enter all children at once. If you cannot find a racer in the search then please contact your Race Manager or click on the link on the search page called 'Unable to Locate a Racer'. Once we receive the details we can add the racer to the system.
We use Paypal to collect payments. When you are ready to pay you will be taken to the Paypal website and once your payment has been made you will be returned to this website. You should receive an email confirmation your payment has been received, if not check your spam folder or contact
If you expereince any problems on each page there is a link entitled 'Need Help' fill in the form and we will get back to you.
Thank you for using the system and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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