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Have received the following from Neil at Racer Ready, Facebook page is here http://on.fb.me/dwfL7X.

Hi there,

We are in the process of getting the next issue of Racer Ready out and need news from the clubs! If there is anyone you would like to thank, congratulate or praise then send in the news! There is no cost for this. This is your chance to let others know about what your club has been getting up to and attract more people to it. If you have new sponsors supporting your club, send us their logo with some text to accompany the logo and we will put it in. Sponsors, racers and all involved with ski racing need promotion so the more we are sent the more we can put in…..!

Please send in by the end of the week to guarantee inclusion!

We have attached a copy of our subscription form which we would be grateful if you could send on to those you think would be interested in subscribing to Racer Ready – it is more than just the magazine: Subscribers get the email newsletter after each World Cup race as well.

Neil McQuoid

Editor & Publisher

Contact details:
Email: neil@racer-ready.co.uk
Website: www.racer-ready.co.uk

Skype: neil.mcquoid

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Postal address: 27 The Brambles, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6EF, UK
Racer Ready is the only magazine that focuses on the competitive side of Winter sport. The magazine is published four times a year and is only available through subscription. This can be bought through the internet at www.racer-ready.co.uk.  The subscriptions start at £20 for six issues.


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