Where To Start

This can seem quite a daunting task. You have seen the skiers and boarders on TV or at a resort while on holiday and wonder how on earth do I get to do that too?  Well hopefully after reading through here you will have gained some insight on where to go and how to go about it.  This is by no means an all inclusive, but aims to give a signpost of where to go to get the experience to get you to the next level.
There are two initial paths to racing:
  1. through your local Snowsports club or,
  2. through your school if it is a member of the English Schools Ski Association (ESSKIA)
There are several ski clubs in the ERSA region:
The initial step will be to become a member of your nearest ski club and you will be assessed before being invited to join the race team. The basic requirement means being able to make linked snowplough turns and to be able to get on a lift unaided.  Talk to the Coaches or Race managers and other parents, all will be useful sources of information.
You will be required to attend regular training sessions at the club and can then participate in the ERSA Summer League  races all held in the above ski centres. The Summer League races usually run between April/May to October and are usually held on Sundays.  Prizes are awarded to the different age categories at each race and overall winners and clubs at the end of the season.  The season culminates in the ERSA Championships at the end of the summer where further prizes are awarded to racers and clubs. Some clubs also run their own Championships open to members.
More information on the Summer League can be found here Guide to Summer League Racing.
This is the starting point, the grass roots of all ski racing.  As your skiing skills develop there are further pathways to racing ie the National and Grand Prix Series, International Races (FIS), National Teams (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) and even the GB Squad and the ultimate, the GB Olympic team!!!
Other useful information can be found looking at these pages:

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