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ESSKIA (English Schools Ski Association) is an organisation, which promotes ski-racing competitions between school teams.
The broad aims of ESSKIA are:
  • encourage as many students as possible to enjoy skiing at home and abroad,
  • improve the excellence of young skiers,
  • encourage the maximum student participation in competitive inter-school races,
  • represent school skiing to all appropriate bodies concerned with education, sport and ski travel.
Any school can affiliate to ESSKIA,Membership is open to all Schools and Sixth Form Colleges or equivalent in England.  It is a joint membership of E.S.SKI A. and Snowsport England. ESSKIA in turn is affiliated to the International Skiing Federation (ISF) through the NCSS (National Council for School Sport).
Qualifying races are held at half a dozen ski centres around the country, Welwyn is one of these centres in the Eastern region, and the races take place in September.  Each team usually consists of four racers; the times of the best three are used to get the total time for the team. Teams that do well are invited to the English Finals in October. In November the British finals are contested between schools from England, Scotland and Wales.
The most prestigious event that any school child can aspire to through ESSKIA is to be selected to represent England at the ISF World Schools Ski Championships. Any individual who performs well in the September qualifying races may be invited to go for a week's snow training with an ESSKIA squad the following spring.
Any school can affiliate to ESSKIA by requesting a registration for from the treasurer.
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