Snowsport England AGM

If you haven't done so register here

The Snowsport England AGM is approaching on the 3rd October. This will be the first AGM since the changes to the constitution last year which mean we now have a 1 member 1 vote. During 2015 there has been a lot of work taking place in the background and the organisation begins the process of change. As part of the change to 1 member 1 vote they have been contacting clubs to encourage members to register with Snowsport England and therefore be eligible to vote. 

Tim Fawke should have contacted clubs in the last couple of weeks to ask for help in ensuring that members register. Could you please encourage your members to register so that we can have as wide a coverage as possible. If you need any additional information please let me know.

Snowsport England are asking clubs for the information but for the 4th September which I appreciate is not long but it will allow all members to vote. In summary;

  • Following last year’s AGM the voting structure is now 1 member 1 vote so we need to be able to send information to individual members
  • This will help Snowsport England to develop commercial partners which will bring more funds back into the sport and be able to support clubs and the sport more
  • Only Snowsport England will use the contact details as per our privacy policy and these will not be passed onto any third parties
  • If clubs wants more info on data protection polices then there is help on the club matters website on the following link


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