SSE Air Bag Tour

A message from Vickie Pullin at SSE

SSE are promoting a SSE Air Bag tour in the south.

It has been arranged with each centre how we can make it suitable and there will be systems in place for this such as loyalty cards and promotion on free sessions after attending 5 or so at that slope.

Vickie Pullin and Pat Sharples are working on talent ID, but if anyone else would like to put an input into this area then fantastic.

The slopes have been picked as they are the SSE priority facilities. We are trying to help raise the profile of freestyle, and get more people involved as possible and if we can introduce new people to the airbag, then great and would be awesome to also have the regular southern crew about to.

The dates are as follows (Vickie and Nick from the airbag, worked on the dates and it ties with Farmers Jam on purpose as we felt it would be a nice touch to the end of the weekend, and also restricted by availability)

Wed 25th Aug - Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre
Thurs 26th Aug - Aldershot
Friday 27th Aug - Chatham
Sat 28th Aug - Norfolk

Nick is working on flyers now and as soon as there done all the information will be out. Sessions are aimed at 7pm start 10pm finish but that will be confirmed.


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