SSE Changes in 2015

I have recently received an invitation to a meeting with SSE and other regional chairs which will take place on the 17th January. I will be attending and the details of the letter are below. This is a result of the recent changes instigated after the SSE AGM. If you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions please email me Bernard Wright at Happy to discuss in person or by phone if that is easier.

The following is taken directly from the letter I have received.


The aim of the day will be to discuss the following proposals and move forward:


Vision for SSE Regions:


To support the delivery and implementation of the SSE Strategy


SSE Strategy



Excite the nation about snowsports. Promote and develop and celebrate snowsports by increasing

participation and driving membership to deliver talent


Key Strategic Areas



Provide a pathway to increase participation and more regular participation by supporting, identifying,

encouraging people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities ensuring all have access to our sport



Provide high quality services for all SSE individual members, coaching scheme, regions and affiliated clubs.



Promote participants in all disciplines to optimize their potential & be a feeder for GB performance structure


1. Core elements expected of a Region


This is what SSE is proposing for 2015 and will replace the previous grant. We would welcome comment and

feedback on this proposal. This will be adjusted annually to fit in with SSE strategy and further feedback

from the Regions. It is key that we are trying to help support a strong regional structure which in turn

supports all SSE affiliated clubs and that this helps us to deliver the strategic goals of Snowsport England.

ï‚· Annual plan produced for each calendar year - using template sent by SSE

ï‚· Annual plan reviewed and summarised at the end of the year

ï‚· The clubs and snowsport providers of the Region to meet at least 3 times per year (via face to face

or telephone meetings). SSE development Officers to attend to support the work of the Region

(dependent on capacity of officers).Minutes of meeting to be sent to SSE

ï‚· Copies of their constitution sent to SSE

ï‚· Regional Website which is kept updated

ï‚· Support communication within the Region.

ï‚· Support the development of all affiliated clubs in the Region.

ï‚· Support the organisation of events and opportunities to support growth and development of the

sport, clubs and snowsport providers in the Region.

ï‚· Promote events and opportunities across the region for new and existing skiers and boarders in the


ï‚· Code of conduct to be signed by all committee members

ï‚· Attendance at annual regional chairs meeting

ï‚· Feeding into the SSE AGM review


The core elements listed above we believe are foundations of an effective region. For this SSE is willing to

fund £600.00 in 2015.


We appreciate that some regions may have challenges concerning some of the above and our plan would be

to work with you during 2015 to ensure everything was in place by 2016 at which point if the core elements

were not met then the financial support in this area would not be paid.


2. Membership of the Region may include:


Region will be open to all affiliated clubs

Region will be open to snowsport deliverers in the Region? (facilities)

Other possible relevant representatives – University clubs, education rep, County Sports Partnership



3. Additional areas financially supported


Each region has a different way of operating and a different make up of clubs. The aim is to make sure the

region is relevant to all clubs in a region and that all areas of snowsports are included. The following is a list

of areas that we are keen to support and this could be up to a total financial support of £2000 per region.

We would like to discuss how this is broken down further with you and if there are other areas you feel

would help to get more people into snowsports.


ï‚· Support of coaching development

ï‚· Link into GO SKI GO BOARD and particularly GO RACE GO FRESSTYLE

ï‚· Training and development of volunteers

ï‚· Schools Event

ï‚· Regional races

ï‚· Multi Regional event

ï‚· Freestyle event

ï‚· Snowboard event

ï‚· Nordic event (including roller skiing)

ï‚· University event


Once we have agreed what we will support the balance of the payment will be made at the end of the

season once the annual review has been received and the following years plan.

If any region has then had any challenges which won’t be resolved for 2016 then this is where we may look

to an alternative “ delivery” partner to get involved e.g If a region has failed to run an agreed event in 2015

and has no plans to run one in 2016 we will look towards approaching an individual club , person or another

region to put on the event on behalf of that region.


4. Regional name changes


It was suggested at the AGM that some regions would like to see standardised regional names. We would

like your feedback on this and a decision made during the January meeting. The board are supportive of this

change as there is logic for the change as it would help to express and promote SSE as a national brand. We

would work with you on incorporating SSE into your logos if it was decided to change the names.











5. Communication with Key Committees


We would like to propose that a calendar meeting was held towards the end of the year (October) with a

view to discuss the next year’s competition/ events calendar. We are very conscious that by encouraging

some less active regions to become more active this may put some challenges on the SSE calendar. We

would also like to look at the challenges around slope booking and list out who has the best relationship

with each club i.e race club, region or SSE . For 2016 we would then like to consolidate the bookings to

whoever is deemed the best person for that slope in order to save time and hopefully get a better price.


6. Working together with social media communication


We would like to discuss the best way to promote regional and SSE events . Victoria Crampton SSE

communication officer will be attending the day to discuss communication channels and ways SSE and the

regions can work together to help promote events and snowsports as a whole.


We as a board understand that there will be more challenges which we can discuss on the day but we feel

the above is a great start. It is a very exciting time and we strongly feel that with the support of all of the

regions we can take SSE in the right direction and encourage more and more people into our sport .



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