Snowsport England Unsung Hero Award


Congratulations to Steve Lambert for winning the Snowsport England Unsung Hero award at the recent Ski show at the NEC in Birmingham in October. Steve has been involved in skiing for many years and works tirelessly at Hemel race club and within the Eastern Region Snowsports Association, ERSA. Over the past few years Steve has had no children involved in racing however he still continues to dedicate his time to both the club and the region, turning up to races and always keen to continue helping and contributing to the development of the sport.

Steve continues to spend time talking to parents and encouraging new and young racers to take part and helping them through the race days. What is often forgotten though is the time and work Steve puts in behind the scenes, not just for the races, but also he also spends time replying to queries from people. This is something that is often forgotten by some people but is essential to ensure that the running of the races is successful. There are many volunteers within the sport and it is also good to keep that experience going, it is certainly something that ERSA benefits from.

Steve received his award from Bernard Wright, ERSA Chair, after a training session at Hemel Snow Centre.

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