British Alpine Race Structure Survey results

The results of the recent survey carried out by the TD Forum about the race structure have been published. A copy of the results have been attached here;

Questions 1 – 19

Question 20



SSE Survey

Snowsport England have a survey at the moment and looking for feedback from everyone, please take the time to complete it and have your say. Click here to run through it does not take long.

SSE Satisfaction Survey

- SSE are currently writing the Sport England 13-17 plan to submit to Sport England for our funding for this time. We realise there are a lot of surveys but please know it is to help shape the future of snowsport in this country.

2010 Summer Survey

Last year I ran a survey about the 2009 summer season and this proved very helpful. If you could spend a few minutes completing the survey that would be very helpful. Click here to complete it.


Sport England Survey Results

Earlier this year we were all asked to fill in the Sport England Survey. If you had a bash well done as it was a bit of a lengthy survey but also because it was a Sport England survey it was very generic and some of the questions were a bit useless really but it had to be done and unfortunately SnowSport England (and any other sport for that matter) were not able to have much influence on the content of the survey.

So the headline results have just been published here.

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