The 2017 ERSA AGM will take place on Saturday 30th September at Welwyn slope during the ERSA Champs weekend. We encourage everyone to come along and have their say,it is important in order to continue the development of the region.


Previous Minutes

Charis Report - Stephen Metheringham

Treasurers Report - Mike Danbury

Snowsport England update - TBC

Election of Officers

  • Bernard Wright - standing down, new Regional Secretary required
  • other positions to be confirmed



The 2016 ERSA AGM was held on Saturday 24th September at the Hemel Snows Centre. Thank you to all those that attended. The minutes have been published online here along with the Chair report.

Several changes and hte ERSA committee is now made up of the following people;

Snowsport England AGM links

Starting on: 17/09/2016

Location: Chill Factore Manchester

Snowsport England Annual General Meeting 17th September 2016

Snowsport England would like to invite all members to the  Annual General Meeting, which will be held at the UK Snowsport Coaching conference on the 17th September at Chill Factore from 4.30 pm.


The ERSA AGM will take place on Saturday 26th September from 12.30 - 13.30 at the Snow Centre, Hemel.

It is important people attend and take part in the region. If you would like to be more involved and stand for a position please email Bernard Wright at Likewise if you have any topics to raise send to the same email.


Snowsport England AGM

If you haven't done so register here


The 2014 ERSA AGM will take place on Saturday 27th September at Welwyn during the ERSA Finals race. It will take place after the main slalom event and before the team event. Details will be published before the day.

If anyone would like to stand for the committee in any form please send an email to or We need people to step forward and volunteer to be on the committee to shape the future so please join and have your say.


A reminder that the ERSA AGM will be held on Saturday 28th September 2013 at the Gosling Sports Centre after prize giving at the race.

Agenda in the attached document but is as follows;

Chairs Report

Treasurers Report

Summer league Report

Election of officers

Don Daley – Secretary standing down

Ian Mawson – Chair ROTP standing down

Bernard Wright – Chair willing to stand

Tim Bingham – Vice Chair willing to stand

Snowsport England AGM

Attached are details of the SSE AGM to be held on Saturday 29th June.

If you would like to help shape the future of Alpine racing in the UK why not apply for the vacancy on ASC.


A reminder that the ERSA AGM will take place next Saturday the 29th September after prize giving at Welwyn. The agenda can be found here. The chair report for this year can be found here.



The 2012 ERSA Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 29th September a Gosling Ski Centre after the race.

Committee members

Chair – Bernard Wright, willing to continue
Vice Chair – John Curtis, standing down
Secretary – Don Daley, willing to continue
Treasurer – Janet Jenkins, willing to continue
ROTP Chair – Ian Mawson, willing to continue
Regional Race Manager – Steve Lambert, willing to continue
Other members – Andrew Upton, willing to continue

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