ERSA Officials Training Material

Running any race requires a certain number of people o help make it happen and without these officials there would be no race. This applies at all levels club, region, national, international races. Many people are scared of officiating but there is no need to be, it isn't rocket science, most of it is common sense and you would be amazed at just how much you already know.


Proposed changes to Teams for 2014

At the recent ERSA committee meeting, Sunday 1st December 2013, there was a long discussion about the effectiveness of the current team events. At the moment we have Children's, Open A, Open B and Open C. During 2013 and 2012 the team events have not worked very effectively and the level of competition has not been great. For example Open C there are normally only 2 teams taking part (2 races had 3). The draw for the team events is done before the season starts and quite often the team events are foregone conclusion, they are certainly losing focus.

Welwyn ERSA Photos published

Photos taken at the recent ERSA at Welwyn on the 21st April have been published. Thanks to those that took pictures on the day.


Hemel ERSA Details


ERSA Champs 2009

The ERSA champs for 2009 took place at the Hemel Indoor Snow Centre last October. It was the first ERSA champs to be held indoors and a new challenge for the region.
Details about the results and some photos can be found here.

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