Hemel Club update

As you know HEM have had the policy for a number of years that if registered with one of the HNGBs you had to change your fist club to HEM if wishing to join us for training on the snow. HSRC had a bit of a monopoly, apart from the academies, of snow training at Hemel.  At a recent committee meeting the request was made that we relax this rule and allow “other” club members to attend if they so wish.

This was duly passed so from the 14th September 2015 HSRC will accept trainees who are registered but do not wish to amend their first club.

Race photos published

Photos have been published online for the weekend races, thanks to Nick Ogden.

Welwyn Race

Welwyn Prize Giving

Hemel Race

Hemel ERSA results posted

The results for the Hemel ERSA held today have been posted online. Thanks to Hemel for hosting the race today and everyone helping the smooth running of the race. Also thanks to the racers for getting up so early on the best day of the year and making it an brilliant race.

Finally thanks to the region sponsors Team Evolution for their support today.

Hemel ERSA race

The Hemel race is still open but online entry will be closed at midday on Thursday 4th July. If there is space left and any additional entries after that time they will be accepted, no late entry fee, but the entrant will have to go down last on both runs.


Hemel Results posted

The results from the Hemel ERSA have been posted here. Thanks to Hemel for hosting the event and all those helping in the background to make the race a success. If you have any feedback regarding the race please send it to chair@ersa.co.uk.

Well done to Alicja Krahelski and Finlay Davies for which the CH1 girls and boys categories which means they received the Team Evolution prize for the free camp place.

Hemel start list published

The start list for the race on Sunday has been published here. Please note the following run order and timetable;

Girls/Boys – MIN, BG1 (Stubby course)
Females (Full pole course)
Males (Full pole course)

RUN 2 (Reversed bib order)
Girls/Boys - MIN, BG1 (Full pole course identical to stubby course)
Females (Full pole course)
Males (Full pole course)

Hemel CN results published

The Hemel club national results have been published here. Thanks you to Hemel for hosting the event today and to all racers to being there.


Hemel and Milton Keynes Summer League races

In previous years both the Hemel and Milton Keynes summer league races have been extremely well supported and thank you for that. As many of you know we are very constrained on time we have the indoor slopes in comparison to the outdoor slopes. While the races run very efficiently and we generally keep to time we are also aware that with increased numbers taking part in the region we will again have a lot of people looking to take part in both races. Last year we had 218 racers enter the Hemel summer league and this was a challenge.

Hemel CN Acceptance List

The Hemel Club National acceptance list has been published here. rough timetable for the day is as follows;

Provisional timetable for the Hemel CN below:

Welwyn and Hemel Club Nationals

Don’t forget that the Welwyn and Hemel club nationals take place on 26th and 27th May. Entry to the races is open online here until Friday next week.

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