ERSA Summer League Overall Trophies 2019


ERSA Overall Summer League Trophies 2019

The final event of the ERSA Summer League takes place at Essex on Saturday 6 September.

Please can all holders of the perpetual summer trophies return to their race managers suitably engraved to enable them to be presented to the next recipiant.


ERSA Race Panel

Kandahar Racing Summer Camp

Details of the Kandahar summer camp attached.

ERSA 2012 Summer Season

Firstly congratulations and well done to all those racers taking part in many different races throughout the winter season, some excellent results around. Thank you to those who have sent me something to put on the website, if you would like something posted email it to

A quick update just before the start of the summer season. I will keep this email short but provide you links to everything else online to read at your leisure.

ERSA Summer League

The ERSA 2011 Summer League kicks of in style on Sunday 22nd May at Welwyn Garden City. After the success of the first Club National run by the race team there they are following up with the first ERSA event this season. This is closely followed by the Milton Keynes ERSA race on Sunday 5th June (this is the week before the club national and grand prix).

This year we have several races taking place throughout the region;

8 Summer League races

2 ERSA Champs (indoor and outdoor)

Tri-Regional event at Welwyn

The first Eastern region schools race

Upcoming Summer Season in the Region

The summer race season is just about to start and we have a lot going on in the region again this coming year. You don’t have to travel very far to take part in a variety of races.

We kick of with three national events taking place in the region;

30th April – Norfolk Club National

1st May – Norfolk Grand Prix

7th May – Welwyn Garden City Club National

2010 Summer Survey

Last year I ran a survey about the 2009 summer season and this proved very helpful. If you could spend a few minutes completing the survey that would be very helpful. Click here to complete it.


Summer racing photos

Some photos of different races this season have been posted here. If you have any more we can use please send them across to Bernie.

ERSA Summer League Racing

Eastern Region Snowsports Association ('ERSA') is one of the nine regions that are currently affiliated to the national governing body of skiing, Snowsport England (formally known as the English Ski Council). Skiers are encouraged to take part in the ERSA Summer League competition between the ERSA member clubs:


The region consists of both artificial outdoor and indoor slopes with many people taking part in racing from all ages.

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