Team Evolution regional day at Brentwood

We are holding a day camp at Brentwood on Saturday 10th September and it is open to racers and parents and we hope to be able to give you plenty of information and help over the weekend. Approvimate timetable is below. To enter online visit Team Evolution website.

12:00 Registration 
12:15 Introduction for all
12:30 Coaches - Tuning ski + Equipment checks    Athletes Free ski + gate training    Ski Test Rossi
13:30 Lunch Break for all
14:00 Course setting (hands on +discussions)   Athletes - Tuning ski + Equipment checks + Time for gates   Officials Training- The importance of voulenteering  
15:00 Break for all
15:30 Ski Test Rossi   Athletes - Fitness talk   Parents - Tuning ski + Equipment checks 
16:30 Break for all
17:00 Performance pathways - Moving your athlete forward   Athletes - Free ski + gate training   Parents n sport - Impacts and influences of children in sport 
18:00 Conclusions

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